Event Schedule

5K START: 7:30 A.M.

Rock the Parkway again will offer a wave start for the half marathon. Each participant will be assigned a wave based on the expected finish time entered during the online registration process. The starting chute will have eight wave corrals (see below); your color-coded bib will indicate the corral you start in. Keep in mind: You can move back to a slower running group but not forward. Each wave will start approximately 2 minutes apart.

The race features chip timing, so regardless of which wave you run with, your time will start when you cross the starting line.

Wave AA (Elite) Under 1:35
Wave A 1:36-1:45
Wave B 1:46-1:59
Wave C 2:00-2:09
Wave D 2:10-2:19
Wave E 2:20-2:29
Wave F 2:30-2:39
Wave G 2:40+

To help ensure a smooth start, we ask 5K runners and walkers to line up according to pace in the chute, with the fastest runners at the front and walkers toward the back. This process is less formal than the wave start used by the half marathon participants, but is important to reduce congestion at the start and during the early part of the race.

Saturday, August 29, 2020
Kansas City, Missouri
Half Marathon | 7:00 A.M.
5K | 7:30 A.M.